Height of this SHIVLING increases every year !

Some people may relate it with science but some relate it with GOD. There is a shivling located in Maroda village of Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh. According to natives of this village the height and width of this shivling increase every year.

  • Present height of this shivling is 18 feet with a circumference of 20 feet.
  • Its height increases with a speed of 6-8 inches per year.
  • Religious people believe that every wish is fullfilled at this shivling.
  • This shivling is known by name Bhuteshwar Naath and it is a natural shivling.
  • During Holy month of Savan, people wait in queues ust to pour a jug of water on this shivling to get their wishes fulfilled.

Story behind this Shivling

According to natives of this village, this shivling was a farming land of a farmer. Once that farmer noticed some bulge in the land and some animal sounds coming from it. This thing spread in the neighbor villages and people started to worship this natural shivling. This shivling continued to grow and today its 18 feet in height. Its the highest natural shivling known yet. Somke people say that stories of this shivling are available in some puraans.

Some people with some logical thinking don't believe the story. Their simple logic is given here. There is no time frame since when this shivling is there. Suppose this shivling is there from past hundred years and growing at a speed of 6 inches per year, then the present height should be 600 inches (i.e. 50 feet). But its actual height is much less. No scientific study is yet done on this shivling.

Religious sentiments of people are connected with this shivling and no science would like to hurt those sentiments.

What we can understand is Science, what we can't is GOD.
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