Ganesh Idol at 4000 Feet height, Work of Aliens ?

This Ganesh (Ganpati) idol is located on  a 4000 feet height mountain top. Nobody knows who put this havy idol at such an immence height.
Location : This Ganesh Idol is located on top of Dholkal Mountain, which is 22 km away from Dantewada city in Chhattisgarh. It is a naxal dominated area. Its a tough job to go on top of that mountain.

Local people treat this Ganesh idol as their Saviour, and pray here on some auspicious occasions.
The mystery behind this Idol make people connect it with some pre historic fight between Parshuram and ganesha. But some people say that its a work of Aliens as no human can do that.
This Ganpati idol is more than 1000 years old.

Whats special about this idol ?
This Ganpati idol is unique. In this idol ganesha is holding his broken toon in his hand. There is a snake marked on the stomach of Ganesha. Some people believe that this idol was made by Nagvanshi Kings who ruled in this place thousands year ago.

But its still a mystery that what technology was used to put this heavy idol there.
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