6000 kg Wheat Floor per day is used here for making Chapatis

You might have heard about big restaurants and hotels where thousands of customers areserved everyday. But here we are telling you about a Kitchen where thousands of devotees of Sai Baba are served free food everyday. This kitchen is one of the largest kitchens in world and located in Shirdi.

Here are some unknown facts about this Kitchen. Some of the Sai Bhakts might have witnessed this kitchen.

  • The name of this great kitchen is Sai Prasadalaya.
  • 6000 kg Wheat Floor is used here on daily basis for making Chapatis.
  • The Area of Ground Floor of Sai Prasadalaya is 11550 Sq Feet
  • 3500 people per sitting can be served food at a time.
  • Sai Baba started this kitchen in 19th Century.
  • On an average 25 to 30 thousand people come to this kitchen every day. On some special days this count goes upto 80 thousand.
  • Sai Prasadalaya is powered by solar panels on the top of building.
  • Solar power is used to change 3500 liter water into steam, which is used in making food.
  • Gas power is used in place of Solar energy during Monsoon season.
  • 120 workers work in this kitchen and start their work at 7 AM.
  • This kitchen is open for public / devotees from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.
  • 5 Special roti maker machines are used in this kitchen. Each of these machines can make 2000 Roti (Chapati) per hour.
  • Most of the work in this kitchen is performed by machines. Even large dish washers are used in this kitchen to clean the utensils.
  • Cold Storage is also available in this Kitchen.
  • Food is absolutely free for poor and disabled person.
  • If you want to have food in VIP Hall, then you will need to pay Rs 40 per person.
  • The Sai Trust spends Rs 30 Crore every year for this kitchen.

All the facts provided above must have created a large image of Sai Prasadalaya in your mind. All the expenditure on this kitchen is born by Sai Trust . Sai trust earns a lot more through the offerings given by devotees at this holy place.
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